Panel D2 Stealth Pathogen Panel

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Stealth pathogens are expert at hiding from the immune system. Their symptoms are non-specific, and sometimes hard to diagnose. This panel covers the key bacterial and viral suspects, including Borrelia and many of its opportunistic co-pathogens. Also the helpful CD3/CD57+ cytokine test showing an aspect of viral and bacterial immunity particularly relevant in these infections.

1. Borrelia EliSpot
2. CD3-/CD57+/CD56+/CD45+ Cells
3. Chlamydia pneumoniae EliSpot
4. Chlamydia pneumoniae IgG/IgA Antibodies
5. Mycoplasma pneumoniae IgG/IgA Antibodies
6. EBV Elispot (2 Antigens: Lytic + Latent)
7. HSV 1 + 2 Elispot
8. CMV Elispot (2 Antigens: Lytic + Latent)
9. Coxsackievirus A7 + B1 IgG/IgA Antibodies

Requires 1x Serum, 3x CPDA, 1x EDTA, 1x Heparin
Cost: (When tests ordered individually £1,024) Special Panel price £844