Frozen Juice Shots

Our SuperFood Juices are grown organically*, outdoors in the Northamptonshire countryside during nature’s own seasonal cycles. We harvest, juice, then instantly freeze to preserve all the nutrients including the precious enzymes. For superior quality and health benefits, we never use powdered or tray grown Wheatgrass.

*Excluding red grapes and raspberries which are responsibly sourced.

Britt’s SuperFoods can be bought as single bags which cost £52 per bag of 30 sachets of frozen juice, plus shipping. Alternatively you can join the Juice Club when it costs £47 per bag with free shipping. Joining the Juice Club has no commitment beyond an initial purchase of 2 bags covering 2 month’s worth of sachets. It is easy to cancel if you wish to discontinue your subscription. You simply email Britt’s Superfoods to give them one orders notice time. You will also get additional free juices when joining the Juice Club. Please use the links on each of the juices to buy directly on the Britt’s SuperFoods website.

The juices are guaranteed to be delivered frozen so you can put them into your freezer and enjoy all the benefits day by day.