The PhytoBox range offers high-quality food supplements in capsule form. Phytobox is an internationally operating service provider for patients, alternative practitioners, doctors, clinics and therapists with a focus on supporting the immune system in the areas of chronic disease, inflammation, environmental/toxin pollution, ME/CFS, as well as multi-infection/multi-system diseases.

As a young and dynamic company it is our special concern to offer products with a very high quality and effectiveness. We stand for a fair and honest pricing and a transparent company structure.

The range of scientifically based supplements is characterized by the highest possible compatibility and bioavailability. The products of the PhytoBox GmbH are hypoallergenic.* Therefore, almost all of our products are also suitable for sensitive people, allergy sufferers and people with food intolerances.

They are:

  • free from unnecessary additives and preservatives
  • free from sweeteners and flavourings
  • free from lactose, fructose** and gluten
  • free from artificial colourings and coatings
  • free from trans fats and hardened fats
  • free from flow and release agents
  • free from fillers
  • vegan except Phytobox 6 and 8 which contain propolis extract

* In single products, ingredients are obtained from potentially allergenic substances (e.g. plant extracts). These products are marked accordingly.

** In general, the products are free of fructose, but may occasionally contain natural fructose of individual ingredients (e.g. plant extracts). These products are labelled accordingly.