Panel B2 Extended Virus Panel

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This panel includes nine tests for herpes viruses, and two strains of the most common enterovirus, Coxsackie A7 and B1. As well as the extremely sensitive T-cell tests (EliSpots), these tests also cover IgA antibody tests, able to detect pathogens in the mucosal membranes, even if long-standing infections. Also included is a highly valuable ten-band immunoarray, the broadest that exists, which is often used even conventionally to identify possible EBV reactivation or continuing infection.

1. EBV Elispot (2 Antigens: Lytic + Latent)
2. EBV IgG/IgM/EBNA Antibodies
3. HSV 1 + 2 Elispot
4. HSV 1 + 2 IgG/IgM/IgA Antibodies
5. CMV Elispot (2 Antigens: Lytic + Latent)
6. Coxsackievirus A7 + B1 IgG/IgA Antibodies
7. HHV-6 Elispot
8. VZV IgG/IgM/IgA Antibodies

Requires 1x Serum, 3x CPDA
Cost: (When tests ordered individually £907) Special Panel price £737 (+ £50 shipping)